Ian Pittwood

205 E 12th St · Rolla, MO 65401 · (314) 556-5384 · pittwood.ian@gmail.com

My name is Ian Pittwood and I'm a Computer Engineering Major at the Missouri University of Science & Technology. I have worked as a software developer for three large companies where I developed new software as well as maintained existing software. My job isn't just software though, it is to make organizations run more efficiently by making work easier for employees and customers alike.

Outside of the office and school, I am engaged in leadership roles in campus organizations. I also enjoy spending time on my hobbies like home brewing, reading, drawing, and programming. I also do personal projects, usually small web applications in Django or Rails.

I am currently seeking a full time position in the Greater Chicago Area for January of 2019.


Co-Owner / Backend Developer

OrgPlaza, LLC

In early 2018 I joined a startup on the Missouri S&T campus called OrgPlaza. Our goal was to create a website to help replace the confusing "markup" system used by campus organizations to sell fundraising merchandise and events. I was initially hired on to manage development of the website as COO, but in May I moved into backend development as two of our team members decided to leave. To create the website we used Python's Django framework for our backend and a combination of Django template engine and JS for our frontend. My experience so far with OrgPlaza has taught me a lot about the development process and a lot about backend development. I hope to continue working on websites like OrgPlaza in my free time outside of my full time position.

If you would like to check out our website, you can visit it here. Currently our site is locked to only allow MS&T addresses during our MVP testing.

March 2018 - Present

Software Development Intern

Cerner Corporation

At Cerner, I was assigned to an up and coming project called Charon. The purpose of the project was to create an automated daemon to search for new events in Splunk and create issues for those new events in Jira. As an intern it was my job to upgrade and improve Charon so it could be used by other teams at Cerner and in the future could be open sourced for anyone to use. During my time working on Charon, I was able to:

  • Upgrade from Python 2.6 to Python 3.7
  • Dockerize Charon for platform independence
  • Remove custom code in favor of external libraries
  • Move Charon builds from Rundeck to Jenkins
  • Add comprehensive notifications for teams and for error reports
  • Standardize and streamline configurations in YAML
  • Onboard several other teams
  • Implement Django backend to add better capabilities for analytics and accessibility

Outside of my work on Charon, I also gained experience working with AWS and Docker by helping my team dockerize and deploy their rails server.

May 2018 - August 2018

Application Development Intern

Union Pacific Railroad

I was placed on the NetControl Train Exceptions group at Union Pacific, a maintenance team for UP's cutting-edge NetControl software. NetControl is a Java project used by train dispatchers to manage train routes and schedules. As an intern I carried several enhancements and bug fixes for NetControl from their inception to their release on the production servers. My position gave me experience with Java, Maven, Spring, Javascript, and HTML in a professional environment.

May 2017 - August 2017

Undergraduate Student Researcher

Missouri University of Science & Technology OURE Program

I was accepted into my university's Opportunities for Undergraduate Research Experiences program under the direction of Dr. Egemen Cetinkaya. With his help, I worked on and co-authored a paper over Graph Theory in relation to backbone networks. The paper was published by IEEE in early November of 2017.

May 2015 - April 2017

Computer Engineer Co-op


At Ameren I worked with the Enterprise Client Services team to manage the various end-user desktops and laptops used in daily operations. I gained experience with SCCM, WMI, VMWare, Citrix Xenapp, Powershell, and Python. One of my proudest accomplishments with the team was the creation of a GUI program in Python that allowed team members to perform a variety of automated tasks on target clients within the company.

January 2016 - August 2016


Missouri University of Science & Technology

Bachelor of Science
Computer Engineering
w/ Minors in Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering

GPA: 3.50

August 2014 - December 2018

Marquette Senior High School

General High School Education

GPA: 4.17

August 2010 - May 2014


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Waterfall Model
  • ITIL Framework
  • Continual Improvement Process
  • Agile Development & Scrum


When I'm not writing code, I spend a lot of time on physical fitness. I have competed in both 5k runs and weight lifting competitions. Physical fitness is a great way for me to clear my head and blow off some energy, so I often will take breaks to exercise when I am working on large projects. I also am an avid beer brewer and brew up to ten different beers each year to share with my friends and family.

On the side I also like to read, watch TV shows and movies, and learn new skills. I always enjoy learning new things ranging from wood working to assembly code. I think it's important to keep learning throughout life to keep one's mind sharp.

Activities & Awards

  • Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout
  • Sigma Nu Man of the Year
  • 3-time 1st Place Winner of Missouri HOSA Pathophysiology Competition
  • Sigma Nu Fraternity - 2x Vice President, Scholarship Chairman, IT Chairman, and Merchandise Chairman
  • Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity - 2x President and Initiate Advisor
  • Student Council - Voting Member
  • Order of Omega - Fundraising and Public Relations Chairman
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) - President
  • FIRST Tech Challenge - Captain and Lead Programmer